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Llamada de soporte al IMEB

6 de febrero 2010 · No hay Comentarios


Addressed to Colleagues, Artists, the Public and Friends of IMEB from All Countries
At the end of 2009, 2513 of you from 63 countries showed your support for IMEB, in danger of being closed by the Ministry of Culture. We are extremely grateful to you all for your efforts! This wave of protest was taken up and broadcast by many personal and institutional websites all over the world, and the protest was so strong that both print and electronic media passed on the information. But despite your magnificent show of solidarity, the Ministry still stands by its decision.
We see only one possible response: start a new campaign of support louder and with even more participants than the first.
Therefore, we, the members of the Support Committee for the IMEB, call on you once more to join this second protest, even more vigorously than before, either by writing yourself to the addresses you will find at the site , or by signing the petition you will find there. If you sign the petition at the website, it will automatically be sent with your signature to all the parties concerned.<

You will find a report of the current situation along with additional information at the sites and (under Support Committee). We must, by our common efforts and our joined voices from more than 60 different countries, succeed in saving the IMEB!<

For the Support Committee :  
Judy Klein
Gerald Bennett
Gonzalo Biffarella
Jean-Claude Risset
Nicola Sani

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