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CIME/ICEM Beijing 2018

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Acerca de tus palabras (About yours words), electroacoustic music (6’40’’/2006/China Premiere)
Composer: Edith ALONSO

Produced at the studio of the Conservatoire Iannis Xenakis of Paris.
The text that I have used in this work is taken from Hesiod’s Theogony and Parmenides’s fragments. This text speaks about the true, the lie, and the relations that there are between them. The true can become false and the opposite can happen too. It is published in Radical Matters label.


Krill, for cello and electronics (10’36’’/2015/China Premiere)
Composer: Gregorio JIMENEZ
Cello: DONG Yi (China)

Krill (2015) for cello and electronics was a comission for the cellist Trino Zurita for the “Mostra Sonora” Festival. This piece has a descriptive character and it suggests the vital cycle of that small crustacean.


Alborada, electroacoustic music (8’32’’/2010/China Premiere)
Composer: Rafael LINÁN

Alborada means “music performed at dawn, in the open air”, music to celebrate the birth of a new day, a new cycle that anticipates plenty of opportunities to getting together, to meditate, to sing and play, to cultivate awareness and being transformed…


Mai Morente, for cello, video and electronics (10’10’’/2018/China Premiere)
Composer: Jose Lopez MONTES
Cello: LI Jincan (China)

The piece was composed combining very different materials: sounds of ancient objects, viola and cello recordings, and discarded shots from Enrique Morente´s productions.
On the one hand it is an exploration of the nuances, registers and vocal inflections peculiar to Morente, which are reworked as a harmonic-melodic material in dialogue with the timbrical possibilities of the cello.
As a contrasting element, vigorous use is made of rhythmical elements treated as derivations and developments of archetypical elements of flamenco, which requires the performer to have an extraordinarily precise synchronization with the electronic part.


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