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La AMEE en el concierto de la CIME en Lisboa (Festival Musica Viva)

26 de mayo 2019 · No hay Comentarios

El martes 28 de mayo de 2019 sonará la obra «Spherical Sights» (2012) del socio Alberto Carretero en el Festival Musica Viva, Miso Musica, O’ Culto da Ajuda, Lisboa, en representación de la AMEE como parte de la CIME/ICEM (International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music).

Spherical Sights is conceived as a sonorous portrait that looks at the human being from the inside. It is a journey through the different architectural levels of organic matter, while exploring the most subjective and spiritual components. The interactions between the microscopic geometry of nature and the complex, mysterious forms of thought and emotion give way to a musical dramaturgy in which spatial perception plays a very important role. The small transformations in the material are made through filtering techniques and displacements in time and in the spectrum. These transformations are equivalent to the gradual changes of color in the portrait which, in this case, ends up becoming a mirror placed inside the listener.

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