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Call for Contributions Videomusic (CEC)

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eContact! 15.4 — Videomusic: Overview of an Emerging Art Form

Call for Contributions

eContact! extends an open call for contributions to an issue exploring and articulating the artistic and theoretical aspects of videomusic.

Submission deadline: 20 August 2013
Publication: 15 September 2013
Submission Guidelines can be found here.

This issue aims to present and reflect on the diverse range of practices and approaches to videomusic and related art forms found or emerging today, as well the various historical antecedents or precursors of the genre. Suggestions for themes include (but are not limited) the following ideas and categories:

  • Distinctions of genre (videomusic, music and sound, visual music, digital video art, expanded cinema)
  • Historical antecedents related directly and tangentially (multimedia, early abstract cinema, direct sound, light organs, lumia)
  • Performance practices using live image processing
  • Pre-recorded vs. real-time generation / manipulation of visual materials
  • Diegetic vs. abstract audio and visuals
  • Integration and separation of audio and image
  • Recognition and perception of content / of the relations between audio and video components
  • Collaboration vs. the composer as sound and video artist
  • Analytical or æsthetical breakdown of videomusic works
  • Notation

We welcome contributions on themes not mentioned but which fall within the categories mentioned above, but also invite potential contributors to propose their own categories and ideas!

To state your interest in contributing or for further information, contact Coordinating Editor jef chippewa.

New and/or unpublished materials are preferred but reprints of previously published materials are also possible (eContact! will credit and link to original publications). The author is responsible for securing all permissions and clearing any copyrights related to the submission.

The inclusion of audio and video support documentation, photos, technical diagrammes and sketches is strongly encouraged. Audio and video examples should be submitted in the highest quality possible.

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